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We were dating for six months when I (Ludo) took a month-long trip to Argentina I had planned before we started dating. That month was an eternity for both of us, but it helped us admit for the first time that we were deeply in love with each other.

gay love blog

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Please note that there is a review process whereby all comments posted to blog posts and webinars are reviewed by ADAA staff to determine appropriateness before comments are posted. ADAA reserves the right to remove or edit a post containing offensive material as defined by ADAA.

3. ADAA invites and encourages a healthy exchange of opinions. If you disagree with a participant 's post or opinion and wish to challenge it, do so with respect. The real objective of the ADAA blog post commenting function is to promote discussion and understanding, not to convince others that your opinion is "right." Name calling, insults, and personal attacks are not appropriate and will not be tolerated. ADAA will remove these posts immediately upon notice.

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The uncomfortable feeling in the tension of grace and truth is love. and God as well. However, love never harms. A theological conviction should never be a catalyst to treat someone poorly. We can accept the person without approving of their choice to be in (or pursue) a same-sex relationship. Love people, but remember what the Bible teaches. Deepen your relationships, but hold firm to conviction. Never give up on the person or Scripture. Love never takes sides. Love has no exception clause. I see this love lived out by some parents of gay teenagers. These parents love their kids no matter what and nothing about their relationship changes. They thank the teen for trusting them with this part of their life. At the same time, they hold true to what Scripture says not only about sexuality, but also about loving others.

Hadrian was really very talented at keeping the empire together and spent so little time in Rome that he managed to escape any real consequences for his fabulous love life. The empire basically turned a blind eye to the gay activity, as Hadrian was so good at being an absolute boss.

If Shane wants to stay at the top of his game, what he and Ilya share has to remain secret. He loves Ilya, but what if going public ruins everything?Ilya is sick of secrets. Shane has gotten so good at hiding his feelings, sometimes Ilya questions if they even exist.

But Nick is struggling with feelings of his own, and as the two grow closer and take on the ups and downs of high school, they come to understand the surprising and delightful ways in which love works.

Ian Tanner coasts through life denying the spark of anger beneath his laid-back exterior.When school politics and personal lives become a battleground, the pair find that what they share may just be their only safe haven.For those looking for a gay romance graphic novel that is a bit darker and an enemies to lovers story, check this one out.

Today Julie travels around the US and helps businesses to create more welcoming, supporting, and trans-inclusive workplaces. She also writes a fantastic blog with all sorts of helpful advice for other parents of LGBTQ children, like things your LGBTQ child needs you to know, as well as practical advice for how to be a year-round LGBTQ ally. This is definitely one of the best transgender blogs out there to check out!

Mark S. King is an award-winning gay blogger, author, speaker, and HIV/AIDS activist who has lived with HIV since 1985. Mark's posts about his life are frank and open, dealing with the hard realities of gay life that LGBTQ people still face, from homophobic slurs to HIV-positive stigma within the gay community.

We enjoy reading Mark's takes on current events, often snarky but always well-written and honest. Aside from his blog, My Fabulous Disease, he was also awarded the 2020 Journalist of the Year award by NLGJA (the National Lesbian and Gay Journalist Association) and often speaks in public about HIV issues.

As well as his book we enjoy reading his eclectic blog, where he writes about varied topics including (but not limited to) his life, cats, friends, family, paganism, living with diabetes, books, movies, and finance. He also writes short stories and journalistic pieces. We certainly never get bored when we're browsing his blog!

We particularly love Rhonda's refreshing writing style, which is more akin to an online journal than today's more modern clickbaity-type sites you so often see. Rhonda also shares inspiring stories or funny comics she's seen with her followers as well as making space for her online friends to guest post.

Make sure you head over to Rhonda's Escape for some excellent blog post discussions on feminism, crossdressing, politics, popular culture, and fashion. This is one awesome transgender blog you need to be following!

When we began our Nomadic Boys gay travel blog back in 2013, there were very few good online LGBTQ resources, especially covering Asia. What began as an online weblog diary of our trip as a gay couple around Asia has since morphed into one of the most recognizable online gay travel resources.

Our social media community has also grown alongside our blog, with around half a million followers, particularly across our Facebook and Instagram. We love interacting with each and every one of our followers and take great pride in the high engagement we have with them.

Our aim is to inspire gay men and show them they can travel to more places than they thought possible via our own travel experiences as a gay couple. We are so proud of what we have achieved with our Nomadic Boys gay blog and super excited to see how it will continue to evolve moving forward in the new weird post-Covid world!

David and John are two husbands living a fabulous debt-free life while teaching others to do the same. Financial bloggers might be a dime a dozen, but there aren't that many who are queer and understand what it's like to be in debt while simultaneously wanting to live a carefree, gay lifestyle. Whether you're about booze, boys, and brunch or just want to pay off your student loans and then buy a house, Dave and John can probably help.

We love that they have practical help on topics like finding transgender life insurance and explaining how being gay can affect filing your taxes. Together, David and John have a wealth of financial wisdom to share, with guides, gay blog posts, and courses helping others get out of debt.

Our friends and fellow gay travel bloggers Daan and Karl are absolutely adorable and we love them! Karl is German while Daan is Dutch. Together they love to explore the world and write about the best destinations for gay travelers. We often check out their reviews of hotels before we book and always adore looking at their stunning photos on Instagram.

We definitely rate A Couple of Men as one of the top gay men blogs. We love that they amplify other gay voices from around the world, which won them the Best in Travel 2021 LGBTIQ+ Storyteller Award by Lonely Planet. The boys are usually based in good old gay Amsterdam, one place in the world we are always happy to go back to in a heartbeat!

No, we didn't make a typo, Modern FImily is where Court and Nic share their journey to Financial Independence (FI) as a lesbian family with daughter Finn. Court and Nic are proponents of the FIRE movement, which stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. If you've got no idea how one would do that, heyyy that's where the Modern FImily blog comes in!

Court and Nic achieved financial independence at the ages of 32 and 30, without inheriting a fortune while paying off student loans and even while having a baby. Talk about inspiring! They now share blog posts and resources to show others how to take control of their finances in order to live a more rewarding life that doesn't just drag on all the way from employment to retirement.

Religion and queerness are often uneasy together, but some LGBTQ Christian advocates demonstrate that it is possible to combine the two aspects. Constantino and David are married Christian bloggers who share how they combine their religion with being in a gay relationship on their blog Modern Kinship.

You don't need to be a Christian to get value from the Modern Kinship blog either. We often find ourselves reading their helpful takes on gay relationships where they answer questions from readers on topics such as integrating a partner into family traditions or whether you should date someone who's still in the closet. Whether you're religious or not, married, or still single we think you'll find value in the wisdom Constantino and David share.

Another one of our favorite gay travel blogs is Once Upon a Journey by the vivacious Dutch girls Roxanne and Maartje. While they used to be fully nomadic they're now based in Amsterdam. Just like us, Rox and Maartje always strive to meet LGBTQ locals and support gay businesses when they travel.

We especially admire their gorgeous photography and guides on the most Instagrammable spots in stunning locations like Hong Kong and Amsterdam. Of course, other lesbian travelers will find their lesbian travel guides useful in which they cover destinations from India to Los Angeles. This is one of the best lesbians gay blogs out there, particularly for travel tips! 041b061a72


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