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Ioncube Php Loader Ioncube Loader Win 5 2 Dll To Be Installed By

This brief tutorial will teach you how to install and configure ionCube loaders on Microsoft Windows Server. The evaluation copy of PHPKB knowledge base software has encoded source code and it requires ionCube loaders to be installed on the webserver where it is to be tested. You can get the loaders from the ionCube website.

Ioncube Php Loader Ioncube loader win 5 2 Dll To Be Installed By

You can download the ionCube Loader for Microsoft Windows as a Zip archive (or use other available options) and unzip it on your server. Alternatively, if you wish then you may download & configure the loader manually depending upon Operating System and PHP version.

Now, open it in your web browser (for example, -wizard.php). This web page will analyze your webserver and produce a tailored set of installation instructions as shown below and follow them carefully to configure the loader with the PHP version you have installed on your server.

As for the ionCube loader, this is free for anyone to download and install on their server. There are various different versions of ionCube loader available, each one designed for a specific system (Linux, Windows, macOS etc.), and 32-bit or 64-bit architectures.

There are different versions of the ionCube loader available for download. These are listed by platform and release date to make it easier to choose the right version relevant to your particular system.

As you can see, our particular server is Linux-based and the x86_64 refers to a 64-bit system. So the ionCube loader we should download is the Linux 64 bits tar.gz archive. Make sure you download the ionCube loader archive relevant to your system.

2. Install/unzip the ioncube loader to \xampp\php (or whatever xampp directory/folder name you have created). You should end up with this folder \xampp\php\ioncube\ after installing the exe or if you want you can just unzip the files and then manually create this folder and copy all the files into this folder.

Important Note: This zend_extension directive above MUST come before any other zend_extension directives in your php.ini file. At the time this tutorial was created (3-20-2013) the correct ioncube_loader extension for XAMPP is the one shown below. XAMPP is using PHP5.4.x in the version that is currently installed on my system. The ionCube Loader version should match your PHP Server version. 5.4 => 5.4

Example XAMPP websites: localhost/loader-wizard.php, example.local/loader-wizard.php, and launch this file in your Browser. Example: -wizard.php. This will start the ionCube Loader troubleshooting wizard, which will tell you exactly what is wrong.

IonCube Loader is a full-scale PHP extension used to read and execute files encoded at run time. It manages software written using the PHP programming language. The source code of the software is protected by the ionCube loader. It prevents unlicensed views, changes, and running of code on unauthorized computers. Encoding is done after compiling it to byte code to reduce the burden and drop the source code.

Ioncube loaders are supported/installed already on all hosting providers. The easy and speedy process is to contact your hosting support to enable ioncube for your account. Otherwise, consult yourself hosting support forums and FAQs.

In general, creating a custom PHP ini to enable ioncube for your hosting is sufficient. Here you can find steps that are shared by various hosting types to make it easy for our users without searching for the supported content.

All our CRM products and the codes are ioncube protected, so the ioncube loader has to be installed in your PHP server before installing our CRM module. The blank page error can be resolved with the ioncube loader installation.

Encoding the application codes becomes common practice to protect/license the source code. This ensures accuracy, minimizes the storage space, and more. IonCube loader is used by 90% of servers and chosen by most of the program developers. It provides safety to PHP code and websites from unsanctioned access. IonCube loader decodes your encrypted PHP scripts and keeps your site to be secured.

9th Dec 2022 - Loader version 12.0.4 Update Loader version 12.0.4 is now available. Fix for a failure with ioncube_read_file for PHP before 8.1 when the second parameter was used.

13th Jul 2020 - Loader version 10.4.1 Fix for parent classes sometimes not being found in the PHP 7.4 Loader. Fix for incorrect errors arising when a class implemented an abstract method through a trait in the PHP 7.4 Loader. Corrected build for Aarch64 PHP 7.4 loaders.

28th Feb 2020 - Beta 2 ionCube Loaders for PHP 7.4 on Linux Second beta release of PHP 7.4.0 ionCube Loaders for Linux. The beta 2 loaders will now run files produced by both the PHP 7.1 and 7.2 encoders. However, the beta 2 loaders do not currently support IC24. Please let us know through our Support Help Desk of any issues you discover with these loaders.We are aware of some issues with increased memory usage.

27th Feb 2020 - Beta ionCube Loaders for PHP 7.4 on Linux Release of beta PHP 7.4.0 ionCube Loaders for Linux. At present they can only run files encoded with the version 10 PHP 7.2 Encoder but we aim to add support for 7.1-encoded files as soon as possible. The new loaders also do not currently support IC24. At the moment we are not aware of any issues with the loaders apart from some memory leaks.

4th Jun 2019 - Loader version 10.3.5 The ionCube Loader now has its own section in the phpinfo() output. That will include IC24 settingswhere relevant.Fix for some memory leaks in PHP 5.6-7.3, particularly when including files in a loop.For undefined variables in assignments, correction to ensure that the line numbers in error messages are not mangled when line number obfuscation is not in place.Fix to ensure that the loader will accept large property values that were accepted by the Encoder.Fix to ensure that external encoding keys set at runtime using ini_set would be found.

13th Nov 2018 - Beta Loaders for PHP 7.3 released Beta ionCube Loaders for PHP 7.3 on Linux and FreeBSD 11. Those can be used with the release candidate (RC) versions of PHP 7.3.0 on Linux and FreeBSD 11.They can run files encoded with the version 10 PHP 7.1 and 7.2 Encoders. As with PHP 7.3.0 RC versions themselves, these loaders should not be used in a production environment.

18th Jul 2018 - Loader 10.2.3 released Loader 10.2.3 released.Fix for possible memory leak with closures in the PHP 7.0-7.2 loaders.Fix for obfuscated versions of built-in functions not being found in thread-safe PHP 7.0-7.2.Fix for possible invalid memory access when a generator is unset or otherwise terminates prematurely in PHP 7.1 and 7.2.Fix for possible segmentation fault when running PHP 5.0-encoded files on 5.4-5.6.

4th Oct 2017 - Beta Loaders for PHP 7.2.0 released Beta Loaders that can be used with the release candidate (RC) versions of PHP 7.2.0 on Linux and FreeBSD 9 have been released. They can run files encoded with the version 10 PHP 7.1 Encoder. As with PHP 7.2.0 RC versions themselves, these loaders should not be used in a production environment.

2nd Aug 2017 - Loader 10.0.0 released Loader 10.0.0 released. These are loaders to run files produced by the forthcoming version 10 ionCube PHP Encoder.Included are loaders for PHP 7.1. Those will only run files produced bythe version 10 encoder for PHP 7.1.

Site error: the ionCube PHP Loader needs to be installed. This is a widely used PHP extension for running ionCube protected PHP code, website security and malware blocking. Please visit for install assistance

Site error: the ionCube PHP Loader needs to be installed. This is a widely used PHP extension for running ionCube protected PHP code, website security and malware blocking. Please visit for install assistance.

Zend extension opcache is loading before ioncube which is causing this error. Trouble is, I can't figure out how to get around this. Most of the guides on the web are for a windows environment. The application I need to run must be hosted in a Linux environment for support by the company.

Kindly modify the location of ".so" file as per your WebApp. You can copy the files in any location under /home. If the file is under /home/site, the ini file should have -> zend_extension=/home/site/, for example.]

Second item describes the system processor type e.g. x86-64.This is needed to download appropriate loaders e.g. as in image Linux (x86-64) package.You should enable the correct loader file with OS type and PHP version e.g.

myDBR is a PHP application encoded with SourceGuardian or ionCube PHP encoder. The SourceGuardian/ionCube PHP loader must be installed in your system. Choose the loader based on your PHP version (ionCube for PHP=8.0). When you access myDBR without the appropriate loader installed, myDBR will give installing instructions for the loader.

Extract the downloaded file, you will find a loader-wizard.php file there. You have to run this file using your localhost. So put loader-wizard.php file on your localhost and run this file using a browser.

The Loader wizard helps you to find the appropriate package for your computer. Download the Loader suggested by the wizard and after extracting it you will find ioncube folder, you have to paste this folder into C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.4.4\bin\ioncube directory (as per your Apache version).

RaidenHTTPD is a web server with built in PHP 5 supports, and after contacting with ionCube company, we are allowed to include the ionCube loader inside our RaidenHTTPD server software package, that means with default RaidenHTTPD installation options, You will be able to execute ionCube encoded scripts directly without the need of installing another loader.


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