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The Cumberland Valley is an area rich in artistry, beauty, commerce, agriculture, and talent, but there are limited locations in Shippensburg where Artisan works produced here are displayed and can be purchased. And after years of living in Shippensburg, this dream was born...a dream to be an integral part of the continued growth in downtown Shippensburg, a place we love.

Social media has opened a new world for local artisans, but nothing compares to the experience of walking into a shop and seeing the artistry with your own eyes, holding it in your hands, and smelling the aromas of locally made products.

The vision of The Cumberland Shop is to feature the creative works of Artisans who live, or are from, the vast Cumberland Valley and surrounding area. The Cumberland Shop is a non-profit that not only promotes the individual creators’ businesses but extends the opportunity to residents and visitors of the area a place where they view, appreciate, and purchase for Artisan works produced locally.

The Cumberland Shop was formed with the goal of providing an incubator center for emerging art and artisan businesses with an emphasis on identifying and assisting woman and minority-owned art and artisan business enterprises from the Shippensburg Community and beyond. The art and artisan works displayed and available for purchase at The Cumberland Shop educate in the artistry, history, and cultural significance of such works in the community. The Cumberland Shop also provides educational opportunities for artisanship, entrepreneurship, and the connection of artisanship to the Cumberland Valley. We have invested many hours of blood, sweat, tears, and finances into our vision and welcome any additional monetary support. All funds that are donated are used to grow and expand the vision of The Cumberland Shop, including this website which allows residents and visitors to browse the Artisan works, make a purchase, and further encourage the growth of our downtown. One of the best things about this area is that businesses support businesses and residents are there for each other. You may not be an artist or a creator, but everyone can be a part of building the community into an even more beautiful place for people to live, work, and visit! ~Julianne Hayhurst, Store Manager

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