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Buy Soldering Gun

Using the best soldering gun is much easier, safer, and comfortable than using a pen-type soldering iron. It has a gun shape design and a pistol grip that gives me an ergonomic feeling and provides less fatigue when holding it. Furthermore, some of the soldering guns have a solder feeder, making it a one-hand feature.

buy soldering gun

For those looking for an efficient soldering gun to save more electricity, the Weller D550PK is an excellent choice. It has a quick heating feature that helps me get started with my work almost instantly.

I also like how they designed this soldering gun with two front-facing LED lights. I can see my work clearly through the illumination these bulbs bring. Plus, these LED lights indicate that this soldering gun is currently turned on and ready to use.

This electronic soldering gun is excellent as it has a 900M chrome-plated solder tip. It helps the tip heat up quickly while maintaining the heat for long. I also like how they included a desoldering pump which is a big help for my circuit board repair jobs.

I love how the temperature of this electric soldering gun works with its trigger-activated control. It provides low temp as it only has 150 watts when on standby. The soldering gun will then produce 400 watts of output and peak temperature when in use.

However, this soldering iron gun is different from other models because of its high power output and unique design. It has a flat back, allowing it to stand on its own when not in use. It also uses a plug-in type tip and elements, meaning those components are easily replaceable.

Weller is one of the leading brands in high-quality tools, and this soldering gun proves the point. I prefer to invest a little more in tools from these known makers, as I know their products are well-designed and tested by experts.

For welders on a budget but still need a high-quality soldering gun, the Newacalox NL586 is a good soldering gun to consider. It offers a lot of features that I can find on more expensive tools, but at the same time, I get to save a little money.

The best thing about this soldering gun is that it has five pieces of solder tips usable to fit in every kind of work. Additionally, it comes with anti-static tweezers, so I can safely hold electrical components without fearing they will be damaged by static electricity.

Another great thing about this small solder gun is that it only weighs 1.6 lbs, preventing hand fatigue. It means I can do continuous soldering work without feeling any pain in my hand. Additionally, the two vertical tip lines at the back of this soldering gun can be used as a stand while waiting for it to cool down.

This small soldering gun perfectly fits small to medium projects because of its pointed and flat solder tip. More than that, it also comes with an external flux for both lead-free and ordinary solder.

But because of the high-temperature setting, this soldering iron is unsuitable for work that requires a low-temperature setting. The minimum temperature setting of this soldering gun is 392 degrees Fahrenheit. This may be a bit too much for some applications, like working on electronic circuits.

One of my primary considerations when buying a soldering gun is the brand. There are a couple of tool manufacturers whose products I trust. However, they tend to be more expensive than other options, so if I have to stick to a budget, here are a few factors to consider when buying a soldering gun.

You should always consider the temperature required for your jobs. After all, not all soldering guns can be used for light work that only requires low-temperature settings. Furthermore, other soldering tin, like lead-free solder, requires a higher temperature to apply.

For this reason, I recommend using a soldering gun or iron with less than 50 watts capacity if you primarily work on small and delicate projects. On the other hand, you can use a high-temperature heat gun with 60 watts of power and above for those large applications like wire soldering. Also, some workers prefer soldering tools with adjustable temperature control.

However, not all soldering guns with a solder feed can accept all solder sizes. You should determine the solder diameter the automatic soldering gun takes before choosing. For best results, most automatic soldering guns work well with a 1mm diameter solder.

Most of the soldering kit includes complete accessories that let you start soldering straight out of the box. However, not all manufacturers include extra tools like a desoldering pump and flux brush. So if you want to have a complete soldering kit, choose the model that provides all the additional tools you need.

I consider the cord length important, especially when using the soldering gun outside soldering stations. If the length is too short, I might have trouble using and maneuvering the tool. Although I can use an extension cord to lengthen it, it is still an additional hassle for me.

Soldering gun vs iron? Typically, soldering guns are preferred by most professionals as they can be used for heavy-duty works like jewelry making. It has a higher power output that provides more than 100 watts. It also produces more heat at a much quicker rate than a soldering iron. However, you can still use some of the best soldering irons for more detailed work.

The wattage of soldering guns may vary depending on the application and solder use. An average of 40 watts may be suitable for most soldering works that use a flux core solder. However, lead-free solder is harder to melt or takes too long to apply when using a low-power soldering gun.

In this case, a high-power soldering gun with a 60-watt output or more is a better solution. Not only will it melt the solder much faster, but it will also heat up quicker, so you can start working without requiring a long warm-up time.

The Weller company is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic tools. The Weller soldering gun is a good and excellent investment for electronic tools for your working projects. Furthermore, the manufacturer also adds a 7-year warranty for any of their soldering guns in addition to quality assurance.

This 100 watt soldering gun heats with the pull of a trigger. The heavy duty heating element is ready to solder in 8 seconds. The built-in light makes it easy to see components as you solder. Tips are replaceable, ensuring that you always have a fresh point of contact.

A soldering iron is an essential tool for creating, modifying, or repairing electronics. By applying heat and solder, you can fuse together conductive metal elements (such as wires) to create durable, permanent connections. Hobbyist soldering iron users might be interested in building a keyboard, repairing their headphones, or assembling an electronics kit designed to teach how devices are put together, for example.

We searched popular retailers such as Adafruit and Amazon for soldering irons that met our criteria, and we asked our experts to name their favorites. In 2017, we tested eight models: the Aoyue 469, the Atten SA-50, the Hakko FX-600, the Vastar Full Set 60W 110V Soldering Iron Kit, the Velleman VTSS5U, the Weller WLC100, the X-Tronic Model 3020-XTS LED Soldering Station, and the Xytronic 258. We also tested two stands, the Delcast SL-WST Soldering Station Caddy and the Elenco WeMake Soldering Iron Stand. In 2019, we tested the Hakko FX-888D and the Weller WE1010NA. In 2020, we tested the Weller SP40NKUS. And in 2021, we tested three soldering iron stands: the Delcast WST-2, the Elenco WeMake Soldering Iron Stand, and the Hakko FH-300.

In 2017, we tested eight soldering irons at the Nordeast Makers makerspace in Minneapolis, which has a dedicated soldering table and good ventilation. Our 2019 testing took place at an apartment with a window open and a fan on for ventilation; it was 10 degrees outside, which likely increased heat-up times compared with the hot makerspace, so we tested the new models against our picks and collected new data for all of them. In 2020, we tested the Weller SP40NKUS against the Vastar Full Set 60W 110V Soldering Iron Kit in a house with a window cracked while a fan ran.

We measured how long we took to set up each soldering iron. Whereas some required zero assembly and some had simple pieces to snap together, other models had poorly cut components that made setup take much longer than we expected.

For some real-world testing, we used each soldering iron to complete a Larson Scanner Kit from Evil Mad Scientist. This through-hole kit includes a microcontroller, a battery holder, and nine LEDs that you must solder to a circuit board.

Setting up the FX-888D took 22 seconds, one of the fastest times among the stations we tested. It is the only station design we tested that separates the soldering iron stand from the station. That allows you to keep just the stand in your immediate work area, freeing up more space for your project and supplies. Both the stand and station are heavy with grippy feet that hold them firmly in place, and they are made of molded plastic and metal with well-placed spots for a sponge and cleaning wire. We also appreciated the fun blue and yellow color combination.

Although the iron itself is thin enough to hold comfortably, the base of its handle was one of the warmest we tested. I found myself scooting my hand farther up the iron, pausing my soldering concentration periodically to think about my hand placement.

If you have a soldering iron pencil and need a sturdy stand for it, get the Hakko FH-300 soldering iron stand. This 16.8-ounce model stayed in place during our testing, unlike the 6.5-ounce Elenco WeMake Soldering Iron Stand. Plus, it has a small footprint and comes with both a sponge and tip cleaner. It also sets up in seconds and looks the nicest of the stands we tested.

The Weller SP40NKUS is solidly made, comes with extra trips, and has a built-in light that we found useful for illuminating small electronics components. However, it lacks temperature controls; we measured its tip at 531 C, far hotter than the 371 C (700 F) we prefer for electronics soldering. It also had one of the slowest heating times. 041b061a72


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